Our lovable history


Ferme D’Amours was etablished in 1978, initially as hatching egg producer.

In 1994, we changed the production of eggs for the production of broilers.

We needed a different niche that is already on the market to stand out, which has led us to produce and our marketing with a specialty chicken, vegetable grain feed, free product and by-product of animal origin. For nearly two years, we have developed our production processes supported by all the required documents for the recognition of our chicken. The chicken takes the times it needs to grow, what gives the meat a firm texture and a delicious taste.


Our chicken is available in several butchers and markets on the island of Montreal and on the South Shore. We serve with the chicken spcialty with the head and feet asian customers in the metropolitain area. We also have a farm shop where visitors can get close to thirty chicken products.

All the energy required for production and the efficient and orderly market, we have to take to heart the quality of our chicken and teh satisfaction of our costumers.

And recently, Poulet D’Amours & Fils inc., was created to make way for the next generation, Alexandre D’Amours and his wife Valérie, who are involved in the continuity of the slogan : A chicken D’Amours, a love chicken!